Cellcom is a leading mobile operator in Liberia. Today, over one million customers recognize the value of our services.

Led by our mission to connect every Liberian through integrated communication solutions and become the country’s most highly regarded telecommunications company, we are fully dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs and wishes.

We have always believed in making life better for our customers.

Because we believe in the power of community, we want our services to liberate and inspire people with ideas to connect, collaborate and enrich their lives.

We offer a range of innovative, but easy to use products and services.


Reliability Cellcom is an operator you can trust

SimplicityYou want to communicate easily and simply

InspirationDiscover life every day

We are dedicated to creating services that will inspire you and offer new benefits and new possibilities for communication.

Besides the care for our customers, our goal is to continue to be an active part of Liberian society. We are dedicated to supporting and contributing to further improvement of all the areas important for the growth and development of the country.


Our mission is to connect every Liberian through mobile and broadband solutions, while making communications easy, affordable and convenient.  

At Cellcom, customers are Number One. Our products and service offerings enables communities to connect harmoniously, to share and exchange ideas, to earn livelihoods and to help build a better Liberia together.