Football 4 Life

Football is Liberia’s most loved sport and consequently has always been an important strand in Cellcom’s sponsorship portfolio. 

We proudly sponsor the Liberian National Football Team, as well as the First, Second and Female Leagues.
The company’s longstanding sponsorship with the Liberia Football Association (LFA) over the last four years has played a major role in the growth and development of football in the country.
Our support significantly contributes to character building of young Liberian athletes through football programs that teach and encourage good sportsmanship, team work, hard work, honesty and integrity.  
In October 2010, Cellcom entered into a three year sponsorship agreement with the Liberia Football Association, becoming the exclusive GSM sponsor of the Liberian National Team, Lone Star, naming Cellcom as the exclusive GSM sponsor of the LFA League, rebranding the League as the Cellcom National League.
In October 2013, Cellcom renewed its commitment to Liberian football when it renewed the sponsorship agreement of the Cellcom National League for an additional three years. Cellcom’s sponsorship of the League and the National Team over the years has served as a drive to identify and subsequently nurture a new breed of Liberian soccer legends, while uplifting the performance of the Liberia National team in both local and international soccer competitions.
Like most Liberians, Cellcom looks forward to that the nation’s flag being waved, along with others, in major tournament finals in Africa and around the world.

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