Corporate Social Responsibilities

Since our establishment, Cellcom has maintained commitment to supporting communities and prioritizing corporate social responsibility programs. We believe in impacting actions that make a real difference in the lives of Liberians, while also contributing to the national rebuilding process.
In addition to our support for the community, the core of Cellcom’s business has always been geared around providing low cost and quality communications services to the masses. The very basis of our establishment marked a drastic social change in Liberia. A turning point, when mobile phones became accessible to every Liberian, at a time when cellular phone services were extremely high and unaffordable. Breaking the existing monopoly, Cellcom experienced incredible growth and success. We understand that with this growth comes real responsibility. The responsibility to always be a company that communities believe in, customers can trust and employees want to work for. 

We stand by our Commitment to: 

Our Customers – We are committed to maintaining our leadership in providing the best quality service and best value for money, while introducing innovative products and widest network coverage. We meet our customers’ needs and offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and customer service.

Our Employees – We understand that employees are our most important asset and the company’s ability to succeed depends on their integrity, knowledge, skills, diversity, and competent teamwork. We reward high performance and promise to be responsive to the needs of our workers. We are committed to providing equitable compensation, excellent working conditions and a fair atmosphere with great opportunities for professional growth.

Our Shareholders - Our commitment to our shareholders is to maximize our earnings and build long-term success responsibly. Maintaining a strong financial position depends on providing the best service to our customers.  It is our responsibility to provide our shareholders with honest and accurate information about our financial position based on the Liberian exchange laws and regulations. All Cellcom employees are committed to preserving the company’s assets, information and resources.

Our Suppliers - We are committed to following the highest standards of purchasing and contracting practices that are based on quality, service, honesty and fairness when selecting our suppliers. Our goal is to develop long-term working relationships with suppliers who are just as committed to delivering top value and quality as we are. 

Our Community - We are committed to creating job opportunities, contributing to the growth of the national economy and adhering to the highest standards of business practices, abiding by all laws and regulations in Liberia. In addition, we follow all Liberian health, safety, and environmental standards to ensure a safe work environment for our employees.
We are dedicated to fostering relations with government, supporting community activities, protecting the environment, and promoting healthy competition in the country.

Our core community engagements are in the areas of health, education, culture, sports, agriculture and media.

Our aim is to impact virtually every area of our operations, while providing the best service and latest technologies to our customers.
How we do business matters. Working in a responsible and ethical way is at the heart of everything we do, and every decision we take.